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Haas Trucking, Inc.
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Haas Trucking, Inc.

Haas Trucking started in 1987 with one truck. In 1992 we purchased multiple trucks and began steady growth of the Company.

We have never had a salesman but have secured an incredible amount of high quality loyal Customers. In the nineties we offered expedite service, flatbeds, Vans, and were a pioneer in 53' Decked trailers for our Customers.

Over the last 10 years we have streamlined the company focusing on 53' Premium Dry van service. We are primarily a Midwest carrier but do serve all 48 states. Haas is a long term player and has weathered the economic storms over the years and is in position to offer a safe haven for the future. We have our own repair service that offers 24/7 service and a Body restoration facility to ensure the fleet is safe and looks professional.

Haas Trucking has the advantages of a large Carrier but is truly a Family started by a Trucker for Truckers. Our freight patterns are more of a "Rubber Band" versus out for weeks or months at a time. You can "get a Life" when you are part of this company. We rarely lose a driver to a "Mega Carrier" once they have been on the Haas Team.

Feel free to contact our company for freight quotes or employment opportunities at the numbers on the contact section.

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